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ப பாண்டி

‘Power’ Paandi, once a legendary stunt master who ruled the world of film stunts in his prime years is now content in living a peaceful life with his son and grandchildren. But he soon realizes that his acts that he thinks is normal and righteous, constantly irks his son who seems to taking their relationship for granted. One such overblown tiff with his son drives him to go do some soul searching, the outcome of which has many unexpected experiences.

Retired, restless and constantly butting heads with his son, a former stuntman escapes on a road trip that becomes a journey to find his first love.

**About first love and dignified man!**

The directional debut film for actor Dhanush. After his father, brother, wife and sis-in-law, now it’s his turn, but did he succeed! Well, no doubt that he’s one of the finest actors of this era. Multi-talented, though this film was an above average. Seeing the characters and the message, it had potential, but too much traditional narration for commercial gain let it down. I mean it should have been a pure drama film without any songs and unrealistic fight sequences.

A famous ex-stunt coordinator, living happily in the twilight of his life with his son and his family. That’s what he had thought until every time he ended up in trouble only to disappoint him. Then begins his soul search journey which lets us know his flashback and how the rest of the tale unfolds was told emotionally.

The narration splits into three and liked them all, but the third one was the best. Both, Rajkiran and Dhanush were good. The music was really a disappointment. One of the BG score was quite similar to the film ‘3’. Apart from stunts and music video, the rest of the film is what worth a watch. A decent direction, that he can still be a great director if try to give more realistic film for such a story. A rare film in Tamil. You won’t see regularly a film about an old man. So it should be watched.

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