ByMichael Villegas

Another year has begun, which means we have lots of new horror films to look forward to. While you’re waiting for the next horror flick to be released, I’ve compiled a list of some great horror movies you should check out on Netflix.


Haley Bennett stars as Justine, a young co-ed spending Thanksgiving weekend alone on campus. While getting snacks at a local shop, she meets a strange young girl, played by Ashley Greene. Justine is unaware that Greene’s character belongs to a murderous group which targets young women and calls their victims Kristy. Now she must find a way to survive against four killers, with no help for miles.

The Girl In The Photographs

This was Wes Craven’s final project, before his sad passing. A young girl named Colleen, played by Claudia Lee, begins receiving pictures of woman who were murdered. Police are unable to determine their authenticity, so they feel it may be a sick joke. Colleen is unaware that she is a big piece in a sick killer’s plan.

Tales of Halloween

This film takes two of my favorite things, horror anthology films and Halloween, and blends them together. From ghosts to murderers and all the way to a vicious claymation alien, we see all the horrors of a small town suburb. The film has many different directors and some awesome cameos.


Here we have another awesome anthology film, which depicts different horrors that can take place during the holidays. Multiple directors show us a dark twist on holiday traditions and folklore.


Two teenage boys accidentally summon a ancient evil to their boring hometown. All they wanted was to rock out and for one boy, get the girl, but now they must fight demons that are possessing everyone they know.

Dark Was The Night

After a logging company begins work near a small town, animals are found dead or missing, and large footprints are found throughout the town. The local sheriff must protect the town from a terrifying creature lurking around his town.


If you are the mood for a fun monster movie, here is a great one! A party at a mansion goes crazy after giant wasps attack everyone. It’s up to a slacker caterer and his love interest to try and find a way to kill these creatures and get away.

Last Shift

This great film took me by surprise! A young policewoman is working her first night on the job at a police station that is being shut down. She is alone and unaware of what happened in that station. As the night goes on, she discovers what happened in that building and that she may not make it out alive.

Wyrmwood: Road Of The Dead

Imagine Night of the Living Dead mixed with Mad Max, with a sprinkle of Shaun of the Dead. That’s what this movie is like. A man is searching for his kidnapped sister, just as the zombie apocalypse has begun. This film is a wild ride filled with blood and comedy!

These films are on my watch list and I’ll be reviewing them soon!

The Invitation

A man accepts an invitation from his ex-wife, to attend a dinner party. It seems that she and her new husband may have some dark intentions for their guests.

The Silenced

A girl is transferred to a strange boarding school, where she is forced to discover it’s secrets to survive.

The Wailing

A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness begins to spread. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is forced to solve the mystery in order to save his daughter.

Which of these Netflix Horrors Are You Most Interested In Seeing?